Virtual synagogues in stainless steel 3D printing

For the new permanent exhibition of the Jewish Museum Berlin (opening August 2020), three virtual synagogues of the Digital Design Department were refurbished for 3D printing in stainless steel. The aim of the exhibition was to present the synagogues as sectional models in longitudinal direction on turntables. This allows visitors to view the models both from the outside and inside. The models, printed in stainless steel, allow immediate comprehension without needing special protective measures. Even the smallest elements, such as a candelabra with a height of 6 mm and a diameter of 1 mm, are so stable that they cannot be bent or even broken off. The data sets were prepared by Architectura Virtualis, a cooperation partner of the TU Darmstadt. In contrast to rapid prototyping processes in plastic or plaster, the synagogues had to be specially abstracted for stainless steel printing so that the special thermal conditions during the printing process would not lead to unsightly deformations. The models were printed in several parts, which were then glued together to form the final objects.