Animate Matter | Materie Animieren

Animate Matter is a seminar project at the Department of Digital Design at the Faculty of Architecture at the TU Darmstadt from the winter semester 2015/16.

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A zoetrope is a spatial flipbook: 3D-printed, plastic objects on a spinning disc are animated mechanically and by light through stroboscopic lighting. In Animate Matter, new digital fabrication methods meet techniques from the days when images were just learning to walk.

For the viewer, this creates the magical impression of a stationary, yet fluidly changing object in the space surrounding it. Since no glasses are necessary for viewing, the impression is very realistic and three-dimensional. The object was also on display at the “Luminale 2016” in Frankfurt in March this year.


Prof. Dr.-Ing Oliver Tessmann, DDU

Dipl.-Ing (FH) Bastian Wibranek MA, Wiss. Mitarbeiter DDU

System Media Designer Alexander Stefas, Wiss. Mitarbeiter DDU


Aleksandra Buchalik, Beatriz Romero Colomer, Carolin Schmeel, Giang Le, Kay-Robert Dormann, Leonard Kaupp, Louisa Wenkemann, Samim Mehdizadeh, Sebastian Seibert, Vidal Madrid Guitart, Tue Peng, Zicheng Song


• DB Station&Service AG

• Stratasys GmbH


• schneider+schumacher Planungsgesellschaft mbH


Oskar Gerspach