Mediated Assemblies

Andrea Rossi verteidigt seine Doktorarbeit


We are excited to announce the PhD defense of former DDU member Andrea Rossi with his thesis „Mediated Assemblies – An Open Source Software Approach to Combinatorial Design and Fabrication“!

Andrea Rossi is an architectural researcher and computational designer. His focus on discrete design and modular digital fabrication strategies led him to develop Wasp, an open-source Grasshopper plug-in for discrete modelling during his PhD research. Significant parts of Wasp have been developed as part of research on digital materials and discrete design at the Digital Design Unit (DDU) at TU Darmstadt. Wasp has been tested in seminars and studios at DDU, offering students fast and accessible techniques to explore modular design and discrete fabrication logics. Wasp is used by designers worldwide and has been downloaded more than 34,000 times on Food4Rhino!

The defense will take place this Wednesday, 08.03.2023 at 15:00. The event will be broadcast via Zoom for registered participants. If you would like to participate, please request an invitation by sending an E-Mail to

PhD Committee:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Oliver Tessmann

Prof. Philipp Eversmann

Prof. Mirco Becker

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Dettmar

Prof. Dr. Anna-Maria Meister

Prof. Felix Waechter