Master Thesis SS21


The development of a self-interlocking system responding to the various requirements of architects in modular assembly by Yuxi Liu

Yuxi Liu designs dry-jointed, interlocking SL Blocks algorithmically aggregated into different configurations (engagements) form the seed for hierarchically nested constructions. Yuxi Liu explores and designs a large variety of interlocking aggregations made from a singular discrete building block. The work furthermore explores SL Blocks made from different materials assembled into one coherent construction that forms a branching column carrying a roof. The thesis contributes to novel strategies of circular economy constructions that can be assembled, disassembled and reassembled into new constructions. The work is strongly related to DDU research on autonomous robotic assembly using Aritifical Intelligence together with the Intelligent Autonomous Systems Group at @tudarmstadt.

SL Blocks have been initially developed Prof. Shen-Guan Shih from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Supervision: Oliver Tessmann, Bastian Wibranek


Shih, S. G. (2018). The art and mathematics of self-interlocking SL blocks. In Bridges 2018 Conference Proceedings (pp. 107-114). Tessellations Publishing.

Shih, S. G., Yen, C. H., & Chou, L. W. (2019). Extensible Structures of Interlinking SL Strands. In Bridges 2019 Conference Proceedings (pp. 415-418). Tessellations Publishing.

SL-Blocks Aggregation

SL-Block Assembly