DDU als Teil der SHE Robots Ausstellung


Im Rahmen des von der DDU geleiteten Printsugi-Forschungsprojekts stellen wir die Prototypen von Rubble Tiling und Rock Tower in der Bibliothek der TU Delft als Teil der Ausstellung „SHE Robots: Ecologies of Care“ aus. Kuratiert wird diese von Dr. Dagmar Reinhardt, Dr. Lian Loke und Dr. Deborah Turnbull-Tillman (Universität Sydney), vom 12. Februar bis 30. Mai 2024.







SHErobots: Ecologies of Care explores women who robot (she 'robots', a verb). The theme of ecologies of care draws attention to how women are radically reshaping the role and form of robots through their creative and research practices, addressing issues of sustainability, respect, intimacy, and protection in both the human and non-human domains. SHErobots: Ecologies of Care invites everyone to consider robotics as a catalyst to innovate a future that deeply cares for humankind, partner species and our finite environment.

Printsugi proposes to leverage 3D-printing and computational design strategies to use matter as met, i.e matter as found on site, in building processes. Combined to a design method enabling disassembly and reassembly, this approach enables less transformation of the materials used and thus less energy consumption. It also renders possible the use of resources without a brutal extraction process, as well as a focus on materials that are locally available.

The two prototypes featured at the exhibition bind scanned matter as met elements with clay connectors. The Rock Tower sources stones and clay from the forest nearby the university campus. The Rubble Tiling sources waste from the pavement demolition and replacement just outside the architecture faculty. Both resort to resources found less than a kilometer away from their processing site.

Resources as found in natural environments, materials from urban environments, computational systems to assemble them. Matter as met, matter as built, matter as printed.


Prof. Dr.-Ing Oliver Tessmann

Dr. Nadja Gaudillière-Jami

Max Benjamin Eschenbach Dipl. Des.

Peng Jiaxian

Mirko Dutschke