Oliver Tessmann bei States of matter


Oliver Tessmann will be zoom-lecturing at the Winter 2022 session of SEA City Conversations “States of matter” Symposium on Friday, January 20., 12.30 CET

The event intends to engage provocations on such latent possibilities of inhabitations between form and matter. It draws attention to the dialectical relationship between technology and phenomenology in exploring space and form as it intersects with matter and materiality. The conversations aim to open up histories of a shared technological present – to interrogate, for instance, the situatedness of craft in primordial artisanal practices; standardized production and universal culture of the factory; and, the scenographic and algorithmic logics in the digital laboratory. We delve in this series of SEA City conversations into an ‘in-between,’ not as hybrid, but as explorations into matter and material processes whose states – through their coagulation and clouding, sedimentation and decomposition, etc. – are ‘in-formation’ to shape emergent phenomenologies that could inform future design pedagogy and praxis.

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