TOOL: Robotic 3D Printing – Materials, Species, Ecologies


Thursday 27 October 6-8pm (SYDNEY) / 10-12 am (FRANKFURT/MAIN) Venue: Tin Sheds Gallery + Online

Robots for automation or robots for ecology? Industrial robotic arms were used for decades in the automotive industry, and have in recent years been adopted in robotics labs across the world for the development of new processes and material uses. Robotic 3D printing allows designers and architects to test new forms, shapes and structures; print with clay, cellulose or concrete; combine onsite resources through 3D printing; and connect to earth and landscapes and work with organic materials that can act as scaffolds and support structures for plants and species.

Join us for an in-person/online seminar in the Tin Sheds Gallery with short presentations, discussion and Q&A with the audience. This seminar includes presentations by:

Gabriella Rossi and Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen on Cellulose Enclosures (CITA, Copenhagen, DK)

Nadja Gaudillière-Jami and Max Eschenbach on Printsugi Rock Tower (Darmstadt, DE)

Kate Dunn and Charlotte Firth on TerraFab (UNSW, Sydney, AU)

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