Lecture: Bridging the gap between Design and Production


For the early birds: Morning lecture by Hanno Stehling from Design to Production: Design-to-Production was founded in 2007 by Fabian Scheurer and Arnold Walz. Together, the IT specialist and the architect soon realised that each of them was active, one at the beginning and one at the end, in the same digital process chain, but that, between these extremes, many links were missing. So they became the first to offer Production-oriented data modelling as an independent service.

The firm has enabled over 35 ground-breaking projects to date – cooperating with such renowned architects and architectural offices as SANAA, UN Studio, Zaha Hadid, Shigeru Ban, and Renzo Piano.

Hanno Stehling is partner and head of software development at Design-to-Production Zurich.

He graduated with a diploma in architecture from University of Kassel, Germany. He has a strong background in computer programming and gradually focused his studies onto the intersection between architecture and computer science, joining a research group about parametric design led by Prof. Manfred Grohmann of Bollinger + Grohmann and Oliver Tessmann (now Professor for Digital Design at TU Darmstadt). After graduating, he worked as a freelance programmer and as computational designer for renowned architects like Bernhard Franken before joining Design-to-Production in 2009.

Hanno Stehling will present projects from 15 years of Design-to-Production Zurich. The lecture will be held in German