Studio Final Presentation – The LouvreWriter*


Event Time: 15th of March from 09:00 to 13:00 Event Type: Facebook Live

The presentation of final results of our design studio is coming up! Join us on Facebook to discover our students' projects and to listen to our guest jury members Iain Maxwell (University of Canberra, supermanoeuvre) and Anna-Maria Meister (ATW TU Darmstadt)!

The goal of the studio is the development of a design algorithm, which will produce geometry and architectural drawings for a pavilion proposal. This pavilion is to be designed for the Cour Carrée, historically the first built part of the Louvre Palast, which later developed into a collage of numerous interventions by at least fifteen different architects, over four centuries. Each of these interventions are specific to their exact location, their time of design and of construction, their architect – yet they echo one another through the formal rules defining them. These formal echoes extend through Paris along its historical axis all the way up to La Défense, making the Louvre Palast an exceptionally rich context, especially fit to inspire specific rules for the design algorithm developed during the studio. Groups of students have developed a rule-based aggregation system derived from the Louvre context, thus creating site-specific combinatorics in order to produce the pavilion drawings.

Teaching Team: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Oliver Tessmann, Nadja Gaudillière-Jami, Natacha Bou Akl

Tech support: Janine Junen, Andrea Rossi