Mensch-Maschine Kollaboration

The research presents a design and assembly process that focuses on human-machine collaboration. The goal is interweaving the material system with the computational design tool via machine sensing and a robotic assembly process. Therefore utilize manual manipulated building components as inputs.

Parametric modeling software is removed from the front end of the design process. The designers engaged with wooden lamellas as design interface. Exploring design opportunities were conducted by scrutinizing the material properties (such as bending behavior) of these physical elements. The relevant design features of the building components were extracted.

The research suggests a collaborative process between humans and machines. The use of building components that does not have to end with the construction of one possible configuration but can rather be an ongoing process of constant temporality.

Project leader: Bastian Wibranek, MA

Students: Daniela Hoffmann, Mira Bellersheim, Lufeng Zhu, Canci Ayse Duygu, Nazire Karakurt, Eleni Kelefi, Martin Knoll, Samim Mehdizadeh