Sensitive Assembly
by Anton Savov

The interactive installation Sensitive Assembly invites people to play a Jenga-like game

Starting from a solid wall, players are asked to remove and replace the installation’s building blocks to create windows to a nurturing light while challenging its stability. A computational system that senses the current state of the wall guides the physical interaction and predicts an approaching collapse or a new light beam breaking through. The installation extends the notion of real-time feedback from the digital into the physical and uses machine-learning techniques to predict future structural behaviour.

Sensitive Assembly was designed and built at the Digital Design Unit (DDU) at TU Darmstadt and exhibited during the digital art festival NODE 2015 in Frankfurt.


Prof. Dr.-Ing Oliver Tessmann

Project Leader:

Anton Savov


Stig Anton Nielsen

Philipp Vehrenberg

Farnaz Oveisi

Tim Wetzel


Anatoli Nat Skatchkov