Samim Mehdizadeh M. Sc.


work +49 6151 16-22485

Work L3 | 01 335
El-Lissitzky-Str. 1
64287 Darmstadt

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Samim Mehdizadeh is a research fellow and PhD. Candidate at the Digital Design Unit (DDU). He graduated at the Technische Universität Darmstadt, Digital Design Unit in 2017 with the Master of Science degree. His research-in-design exploring the “Rotoforming”, robotic dynamic casting for concrete hollow elements and design potentials of novel material systems in the field of architecture. In 2016 and 2017 Samim has been working with Achim Menges (Menges-Scheffler Architekten BDA_ICD Stuttgart) on the stage envelopment Project on Pier 17 building in Manhattan, New York. Prior experiences in practice include the engineering office o-s-d (Prof. Harald Kloft) and NE-AR architectural research office in Frankfurt and a collaboration with the artist Thomas Bayrle. He holds a bachelor degree from the Azad University in Tehran and has worked with international architectural office “VAVstudio” in Tehran. Samim received several awards for his ongoing research at Digital Design Unit. The award of best research at poster category at the first international digital Concrete conference 2018 ETH Zürich, first prize for the research Grant “Seed fund” at TU Darmstadt. The Heinz-Stillger-Award for research in architectural design in 2017 for exploring roto-molding technic in an architectural context. Samim has started teaching at DDU since 2018 and as improvement of his research, he had tought in several workshops such as a AAG 2018 at Chalmers technical university, Gotheborg, Sweden. He is now looking toward to scaling up the Digital Fabrication Roto-Form to an automated building System through the founded research project “Rotostütze”.