Science meets Arts

Art Forum of TU Darmstadt: Christiane Salge and Oliver Tessmann in the new advisory board

2024/03/01 by

A fixed term in the cultural scene of Darmstadt: Since its foundation in 2016, the Art Forum of TU Darmstadt has become a meeting place between the university and the urban community. Starting from February 1st, the Art Forum will now be accompanied by an advisory board. Additionally, the portfolio is expanding. In the future, there will be more exhibitions in the program that artistically address and convey the theme of science.

The new advisory board convened for its inaugural meeting on February 1st. It consists of scientists, art professors, art experts, as well as a member of the TU Darmstadt's executive board responsible for the Art Forum. The board members are expected to support the management of the Art Forum in shaping the scientific orientation of future exhibitions.

As before, the selection of future projects for the Art Forum will prioritize high artistic and design quality. Additionally, the integration into the scientific context of the TU Darmstadt will be emphasized. The contemporary and innovative quality of design remains central.

The presentation and placement of art in urban spaces and on the buildings of the TU will further integrate the university with the city and society.

Universities are key cultural actors.

“The HRK recently emphasized that universities are key cultural actors. In addition to established formats for science communication, we can significantly expand our knowledge transfer through artistic activities. With exhibitions closely related to science, we open ourselves to our audience in a different, perhaps more sensory, way,” says Dr. Patrick Honecker, Chief Communication Officer of TU Darmstadt.

The Art Forum of TU Darmstadt currently operates primarily from the exhibition hall in the Old Main Building and also hosts outdoor exhibitions at other locations in the urban environment, such as Friedensplatz or Darmstadt Castle.

Director Julia Reichelt and her team are creating new interfaces between art, culture, and science. The Art Forum sees itself as a place of encounter and mediation, engaging with all facets of art, from painting to installation, video, performance, music, and dance