Architectures of Order – Finissage

02. – 10. Nov. 2023


Our LOEWE research focus “Architectures of Ordering” celebrates its conclusion with a finissage consisting of an exhibition, workshops, lectures, panel discussions, book and film screenings. The kick-off is next Thursday, November 2 at 6:00 pm, in our building with the vernissage of the finissage on the first gallery in our building. DDU presents two contributions:

- Cutting, casting… growing presents the collaboration of the subproject Architectures of Algorithmic Order with the research project Tactile Robotic Assembly II (Zukunftbau, BBR) and examines the introduction of mycelium, a living material, into micro-modular strategies for the built environment.

- Drawing machines and digital gestures presents the collaborative research of two subprojects of the research cluster on drawing tools and explores whether, when we draw, the digital interferes with our process of thought, as well as with the trace it leaves on the paper.

The complete program of the event can be found here