Suzi Pain – Guest Lecture


We are very excited to welcome Suzi Pain (@kernform_kunstform) for our second guest lecture within this semester's series. Next Tuesday, 23.05.2023 17:00 h via Zoom.

The Developed Surface: Experimental 3D printed ceramic cladding systems for architecture

Robotic printing and additive manufacturing has presented designers with new procedures for shaping clay, an architectural material with a long and fascinating history. While there are numerous researchers and practitioners who focus on the technological aspects of the fabrication process and the generation of complex geometries, there are fewer who delve into the historical and theoretical aspects of architectural ceramics as a catalyst for design.

This talk presents 3 case studies of experimental 3D printed ceramic cladding systems for architecture that explore a variety of influences from the past. From interpretations of Gottfried Semper’s Bekleidungsprinzip to translating historicist motifs into printed clay, these examples will demonstrate multifarious methods for approaching 3D printed architecture as well illustrating how technological and artistic design approaches need not be seen as separate endeavours.

Suzi Pain is a British architect and researcher based in Copenhagen at the Royal Danish Academy of architecture, design and conservation. Her recently completed PhD thesis explores architectural design and research cultures through 3D printed ceramics and draws on her initial training both in architecture and the applied arts and her experience working in practice in Denmark, Switzerland and the UK.