Digital Design Studio

Digital Design Studio

Bachelor Thesis / Master

15-92-6411 / -6413

The studio explores new ideas and processes for a resource-efficient circular economy using digital technologies and design methods. Existing buildings will be 3D-scanned and converted into digital models. Construction elements such as columns, beams and slabs will be cut into smaller modules (at model scale) with the help of robots, which can then be digitally re-assembled into new buildings. The process is prototypically implemented in the DDU RoboLab. The participants learn the technologies robotics, 3D-scanning, 3D-printing and photo- grammetry. The architectural design includes a temporary, modular building that will also become repository for future buildings.

The possible “Vertiefer” of the studio starts with an intense workshop from 2. – 6. March 2020.

Time: Wed, 10 – 18 h

Place: DDU

First Meeting: 16. Oct 2019

Examination: 5. Feb 2020

Contact: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Oliver Tessmann / Dipl.-Ing. (MA) Bastian Wibranek

Language: German / English