Digital Design Studio DDU – RotoForm

Bachelor / Master


15-92-6411 / -6413

In this studio we will explore 1:1 prototypes and speculative design proposals based on the material system RotoForm. Participants will learn computational design strategies, simulation of material properties and materialization based on digital fabrication and robotics. Subsequently the constructive, design-related and potentials of the mineralic, hollow elements will be investigated through prototypes. In a design study the spatial, architectural and aethetic potential will be further explored. Design, digital and physical form finding, material research and fabrication and the materialisation process will be regarded as holistic and cyclic design process.

Time: Wed, 10 – 18 h

Place: DDU

First Meeting: 17. Oct 2018

Examination: 8. Feb 2019, 12.00 h

Contact: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Oliver Tessmann

Language: German//English