DDU meets Bucky Lab

DDU meets Bucky Lab

15-02-6465 (WF, also FM B)

In Cooperation with the founder of the BuckyLab, Marcel Bilow from TU Delft, the Digital Design Unit (DDU) will use this seminar to explore pneumatic Structures. Participants will work in small groups and will design and prototype air cushion systems. The pneus will be developed in small models and computer simulations. Subsequently we will weld them by hand and with the help of robotic arms. The interdisciplinary course will bring students from architecture and structural design together.

Time: Fri, 09.00

Place: DDU

1st meeting: 16. Oct. 2015

Contact: Prof. Dr. Ing. Oliver Tessmann

Examination: 26.Feb. 2016

Language: German / English