From Rome to modern Berlin

From Rome to modern Berlin

Bachelor / Master

15-01-0354, Disziplinäre Vertiefung

15-02-6464 (WF, also FM B)

The seminar deals with the principal methods of reconstructing virtually destroyed architecture. The students will learn about the professional visualization software 3ds Max. Themes lie in the reconstruction of Roman military camps and cities for example Nida (Frankfurt Heddernheim) as well as the Berlin railway station Anhalterbahnhof. Students learn about Roman architecture and its reconstruction and about the structure of one of the biggest railway stations in Europe. The project will be scientifically guided by involved museums. Bachelor courses and master courses will be offered.

Time: Tue, 09.50 – 11.30 h

Place: DDU

First Meeting: 16. Apr 2019

Examination: tba

Contact: Marc Grellert

Language: German