Space Frames

Space Frames


15-02-6467 (WF, also FM B)

Parametric Design unlocks novel design possibilities and enables interdisciplinary collaboration of architects and structural engineers. These tools and methods will be applied and explored for the design of space frame structures. These lightweight structures are relevant today as scarcity of resources and climate change are forcing us to rethink the way we design and build. In this course participants will learn about space frame structures and their properties through examples from practice and a series of small design exercises. 3D modelling, parametric design and structural calculations will be conducted in Rhino, Grasshopper and Karamba. The exam consists of one colloquium and three small design exercises. Architects and engineers will collaborate in design teams.

Time: Mon, 14.25 – 17.55 h

Place: L301/92

First Meeting: 15. Apr 2019


Contact: Samim Mehdizadeh / Bastian Wibranek

Language: German / English