Robotic Sensing

Robotic Sensing

Bachelor / Master

15-01-0354, Disziplinäre Vertiefung

15-02-6466 (WF, also FM B)

Current developments in computer-aided design methods, manufacturing techniques and robot control open up new possibilities for materialisation in architecture. Besides the automation of traditional manufacturing techniques, robotic tools offer the possibility to explore adaptive, interactive and reactive manufacturing methods.

We impart skills and understanding for computer-aided design strategies and robot control for digital manufacturing (e.g. sensor technology, data processing, livestreaming).

In small individual studies on these topics, your computer-aided manufacturing concepts will be investigated with robots. In the concluding workshop (12. – 16.08.2019) we will jointly develop an experimental prototype.

Time: Fr, 10.00 – 12.00 h

Place: DDU RoboLab

First Meeting: 26. Apr 2019

Examination: 16. Aug 2019

Contact: Bastian Wibranek

Language: German / English