FB 15 goes VR

FB 15 goes VR

Bachelor / Master

15-01-0354, Disziplinäre Vertiefung

15-02-6590 (WF, also FM B)

Virtual Reality is becoming increasingly important for the visualization and experience of architecture. An interactive and immersive environment creates new possibilities and challenges for future design.

In this block seminar we will teach how to use the software Unity and SteamVR. Unity is used in architecture for various purposes: e.g. for interactive 3D visualization and simulation of a planned building, as well as for generative and parametric design. It also forms the interface between 3D modelling and virtual reality.

During this seminar students will have the opportunity to realize and experience your own concepts and designs in virtual reality (HTC Vive) in project groups.

Time: Mo, 10.00 – 17.00 h

Place: DDU Grid

First Meeting: 5. Aug 2019

Examination: 9. Aug 2019

Contact: Norwina Wölfel

Language: German / English